• Coco

Crying Baby on Airplane Applauded for covering up Sound of Adam Sandler Movie

We all hate to hear it... the sound of a crying baby on an airplane. Voted the #2 worst sound in the world, crying babies give nails on a chalkboard a run for their money. That's why, during the 9 hour flight from Tuscan, AZ to LAX, passengers shuddered when they heard Toknee McNey cry out only 20 minutes in to their flight. After a few minutes, Toknee calmed down and stopped crying. This, witnesses say, is when the real terror kicked in.

Unknown to most, while the child was crying, the flight attendants had tried to calm him down by starting a movie on the overhead televisions with the sound blaring. It wasn't until the crying stopped that passengers realized what a trouble they were in. Playing on the screen in front of them was Adam Sandler's dumpster fire of a movie Jack and Jill.

Researchers at MIT place "Adam Sandler Movies" at the #1 spot for worst sounds in the world. This agreed-upon fact became reality when passengers were met with it first-hand inside an airplane. After minutes of torture, passenger Mary Brown realized she needed to do something. In the midst of turmoil, she reached over to where little Toknee was sitting and promptly punched him in the gut. This resulted in a cry that not only covered up the sound of the movie completely, it lasted the full 8.5 hours of the flight.

This heroic action would result in a standing ovation for both the child and the woman who punched him. When faced with adversity in a tough situation, both acted quickly and knew what to do.