• Nick H.

Report: Experiment on Cloning may lead to Answers for Science's Oldest Question

Our team of top-notch scientific researchers have stumbled into an experiment that has been "swept under the rug" by some particularly bad-actors in WWII era Germany.

The infamous Group 935, formed on May 10th, 1931 by Doctor Ludvig Maxis, was created as an international organization dedicated to the study of Element 115 and was based in the Der Riese at Breslau, Germany.

One team of scientists was tasked with mastering the process of cloning and then transferring the consciousness from the original body to the clone using element 115, a process that would, in essence, facilitate immortality.

While the experiments never reached the whole "transfer consciousness" phase of testing due to the end of the war, the scientists were able to clone a chicken in the purest form possible, directly from stem cells.

And they documented that the chicken formed before any sort of egg.